Igloo Catalogs

  igloo-upgrades.pngTo see the Latest Igloo Catalog CLICK HERE!

To see the Hidden Items Look Below:

Hey, Mutant32z Here. Its Been A While Since I Posted!
Anyway, Take A Look At The Latest Igloo Catalog!

The First Hidden Igloo Is The Secret Stone Igloo:
(Click On The Crowbar To Reveal It)

The Second Igloo Is The Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo:
(Click On The Door To Reveal It)

Hey, Mutant Here. The Latest Igloo Catalog Is Great. There Is A New Carpet.
The Whirlpool Carpet! And FINALLY, There Are Some New Hidden Items!!!

The First Hidden Item Is The Fish Bowl!

The Second Is The Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo!

mutant32z-icon-posts-medium.pngPosted By Mutant32z

 Hey guys I have got good news and bad news the good news is that the Log Cabin has come back out but the bad news is that hte hidden items are the same as always so keep this in mind.

Until they Change, the only thing you will do here is see the Latest Catalogs.


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Sorry Guys but if i showed out the hidden igloos here i’d be repeating last months as their the exact same!I’ll show u the front of the catalog anyway.Well at least there is a new igloo.


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Hey guys, theres a few hidden igloos in this catalog and i’m gonna  show u them but first I’ll show u a picture of the catalog.

new furniture sept

Heres the first igloo. The Small Stone Igloo.


Now for the second a bigger version of the first.


And finally the last hidden igloo the Snow Globe. Unfortunatly we couldn’t get pictures of this as it is to long so I’ll just say it in words.

Step 1:click every word snow in the Igloo Catalog (there’s six)

Step 2:When you have clicked all the words snow look for the basic igloo and click on it’s window

agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z


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