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 igloo-furniture.png To see the Latest Furniture Catalog CLICK HERE!

To see the Secret Items Look Below:

Hey, Mutant32z Here. Its Been A While!
But Anyway, The August-Sept Catalog Is Great! Check It Out!!

The First Hidden Item Is The Blender!
(Click On The Lava Lamp To Reveal It)

The Next Item Is The Gutair Stand:
(Click On The Piano To Reveal It)

mutant32z-icon-posts-medium.pngPosted By Mutant32z

There’s nothing really festive about this catalog except its usual “Stage Poster”. Anyway, there’s only two hidden items in it which were already in the last catalog!


The first hidden item is the Concert lights!


The second is the Pipe Organ!


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Hey Guys! The new catalog is absoulutly obsesed with water! The bad news is there still isn’t any new hidden items.


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Hey Guys! To celebrate the Fiesta-val Club penguin brought an awsome catalog with awesome items! The bad thing is that theres no different hidden items.


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

It’s Christmas and those shivering winds finally blew in a Christmas furniture catalog! this one has some great hidden items! this time their not the same as last month’s!


The first hidden Christmas item is the all mighty Antelope head!


The second is a Mullet in a Frame!


 The third, Same as last time the Concert Lights


And the last is the Pipe Organ! (Same as last time)


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Hey guys, I hope that the furniture catalogs aren’t turning to what the igloo catalogs are like cos guess what the hidden items are the same as last month! As always I’ll show a picture of the front anyway!


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Finally its what im sure u’ve been waiting for the new Halloween furniture catalog! Hooray!


Heres the first hidden item and in my opinion by far the best! The Candelabra!


 The seconds cool just not as cool. The Pipe Organ!


And the last pretty much the same. Concerts Lights.


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Theres really cool new furniture in the igloo catalog and if u need hidden items there right here!I’ll show u a picture of the catalog first though as always.

igloo stuff september

heres the 1st of the three hidden items which is the Pop Art Painting.


 Heres the second, the Starry Night Painting.(Sorry if its a bit unclear but u click on the cd rack)starry-night-p.GIF

And finally the third new item. Concert lights!


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Fight Crime On Club Penguin


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