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penguin-style.png To see the Latest Clothing Catalog CLICK HERE!

To see the Latest Hidden Items Look Below:

Hey Mutant32z Here. It Has Been Ages Since We Updated The Site! Sorry!
Anyway, September 08’s Catalog Has Loads Of Great Items. Have A Look!

The First Hidden Items Are The Red And Blue Viking Helmets:
(As Usual, Click And X Off 3 Times To Reveal The Blue Viking Helmet)

Next, Is The Mixed Bracelets:
(Click On The Penguins Mouth)

And Finally, The Jade Necklace:
(Click On The Guitar)

mutant32z-icon-posts-medium.pngPosted By Mutant32z

Hey, Mutant32z Here. The April 08 Catalog Is Great. You Can Buy Loads Of Ties!

The First Hidden Item Is The Cheesey Tie!

The Second Is The Green Snorkel!

And Last, But Not Least, The Viking Helmets!

mutant32z-icon-posts-medium.pngPosted By Mutant32z

The red and blue sunglasses are back in the new clothing catalog!


The first hidden item or hidden items I should say are the red and blue viking helmets. To get the red one just click on the circled area once but to get the blue one click on and off it 3-4 times.


The last hidden item is the snorkle goggles!


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

The new clothing catalog is a splash of fun! There are all sorts of underwater fun!


The First Hidden Item in the new Clothing Catalog Are The Snorkeling Goggles!


The Next Hidden Item is the red viking helmet. As usual, click on and off it 3-4 times to trigger the blue viking helmet.


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Theres alot to do with snow in this catalog seeing as it is winter!

The first hidden item from this catalog is of course the usual red viking helmet! (For the blue viking helmet all u have to do is flick on and of it 3-4 times)


The final hidden item is the coffee apron! All u have to do is click on the blue bagpack!


For the blue viking helmet all u have to do is flick on and of it 3-4 times

agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Did u see the new clothing catalog? It’s great! The clothing items are exactly the same as last months just in different places! (sorry! For some reason this picture isnt working!)


The first hidden items are the viking helmets. (The red viking is shown below but to get the blue all u do is simply click on and of it 3-4 times)


The next hidden item is the red electric guitar!


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Rockhopper has come with a good free item and good bought items! Yay!


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Winters back and its brought some cool hidden items with it!


Heres the hidden items from this catalog starting with the Red Viking Helmet (Same as always by clicking on it 3-4 times u will unlock the Blue Viking Helmet)


the next is for all those rockers out there. The Red Electric Guitar!


And finally the last hidden item is the Swiming Goggles!


agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

The Halloween catalog has come Hooray.


If you want fairy wings there this easy to get!

Do u like viking helmets cos if u do i think ued be very interested in this!

To get the red just simpley click on where its marked but for the click it 3-4 times.

If u wanna go swimming u should definetly get goggles! just click simple.

And finally the red guitar! Simple just click where it’s circled.

agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Did u see the new wigs they are so awesome!


Sorry but we couldn’t find any hidden items here but i’ll show u the catalog anyway.




agent32-posts-small.png Posted By Agent32z

Fight Crime On Club Penguin


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16 10 2007

if u dont unterstand something just ask us we will be on almost everyday so check every so often.

10 09 2008

ok you guys rock

Thanks Anjrea! Also Thanks For Joining S.P.

11 10 2008

wat do i do as a superprguin junior member

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